At notch collective we believe that beauty can be sustainable. We believe in offering an environment where neither our stylists or our clients are exposed to harmful, toxic chemicals. We believe in doing our part to protect our planet and our bodies as well as our hair.


We are thrilled to be a part of Green Circle movement! When we first heard of Green Circle our first thought was, ‘this is amazing! Why isn’t every salon doing this?’ It is our genuine hope that soon everyone will.

Before becoming a Green Circle Certified Salon, regardless of our eco friendly mindset, we found ourselves throwing out so much, simply due to the lack of options for recycling in our area. Everything from used color tubes to aluminum foils, gloves, aerosol cans, all the way down to the hair we cut and then swept up went to the landfill. Through our alignment with green circle salons, we hope to ameliorate the ecological footprint we are making, and instead, implement simple green changes that will make both our salon, and our industry, more sustainable. 

Every day North American salons generate 63,180lbs of hair clippings, 42,122lbs of hair color, 109,512lbs of foil and color tubes, 206,392lbs of papers and plastics, equaling an astounding 421,206lbs of waste.

I found it fascinating that human hair when put into a plastic bag and then sent to a landfill can mummify and then produce methane gas. Eek. Now we collect the hair that is swept up and send it off to become booms to help clean up oil spills in the ocean(and each boom can be reused up to 10x) the hair is also used to create recycling bins made of bio plastic. In 2010 green circle sent over 1000lbs of hair to the Gulf of Mexico to help in the cleanup of the BP oil spill. 

Last year alone green circle salons diverted 871,191lbs of solid waste from our landfills and waterways. 

Not only are we recycling your hair but thanks to green circle, we can recycle our color tubes and foils, aerosol cans, light bulbs and even non recyclable plastics. We send off our used gloves, tissues, q-tips, cotton pads and unused color by-product to be turned into new sources of energy. 

By visiting notch collective you are supporting our movement for positive green change, imagine the difference we can make together. As a salon guest, you play a crucial role in helping protect the natural beauty of our planet. By choosing green minded salons that realize the importance of environmental and social progress, you not only look and feel good, you also contribute to positive green change! Thank you for being a part of our movement. 

Our goal is to bring awareness and change to the industry. If you are a client, ask your stylist about green circle. If you are a stylist, ask your salon(or spa) owner about becoming a certified sustainable salon. Join us, its real nice over here! 

We live in a beautiful world, if we all do our part, we can make a difference. Join our movement to keep people and the planet beautiful. 

www.greencirclesalons.com  1.877.424.3327


We are so excited to offer our clients a non-toxic hair color and whole salon experience! We believe in doing our part to limit our impact on the environment, we believe that should include both the environment inside the salon and our impact on our planet as a whole.  At notch collective we believe that every little bit makes a difference.

We love that OWAY shares our belief that beautiful color shouldn’t be harmful to your hair, to your health or the planet. OWAY hair color is free of ammonia and PPD, vegan and PETA certified cruelty free. This means no toxic chemicals in the air we breathe, being absorbed into your skin or getting washed down our drains into our waterways. 

Thanks to OWAY, we can offer a beautiful holistic hair coloring experience. OWAY uses organic and biodynamic fair trade sustainably harvested ingredients to create gorgeous color, that leaves hair shiny and healthy. 

Here are just some of the benefits of Holistic Hair Color:

  • No harsh fumes for a pleasant coloring experience

  • Plant butters nourish and hydrate the hair and scalp

  • Gentle pH creates longer lasting, healthier color results

  • Pure essential oils protect and calm sensitive skin and scalps

  • Made with fair trade and sustainably harvested ingredients 

We also love that OWAY has a beautifully sustainable mindset, from their packaging that is 100% tree free made of recycled paper, glass and aluminum. We invite you to come

experience the difference. 

mr smith

Mr. Smith is dedicated to style, substance and simplicity: style above all else, substance of ingredients – simplicity by design.

Our vision is to create exceptional, Australian made hair care products, meticulously crafted from a selection of Australian botanicals and essential oils. Innovative use of organic passionflower, kakadu plum and frankincense, combined with rose geranium, macadamia oil and açaí berry, has led to a range of products that are engineered for performance utilising only premium ingredients.

Distinguished by a refined luxury, each product has been scientifically designed and tested to deliver on this performance. Hydrating, lightweight and organically nourishing, the Mr. Smith collection provides maximum results, while retaining the hair’s natural fluidity and shine.

Mr. Smith’s creative team work at the cutting edge of international editorial shoots and runway shows. Working closely with our development chemists, all Mr. Smith products are conceived and refined to meet the needs of stylists working in this space. This editorial influence defines our education programs for stylists and salons alike. 

Mr. Smith believes that what we leave out is just important as what we leave in. That’s why we’re committed to creating products that do not contain sulfates or parabens; why we’ve never tested on animals and why all of our products have been PETA-Certified.

Style. Substance. Mr. Smith.