Grace Keller


Since 2010, Grace, a native of these beautiful Appalachian mountains, has been enjoying an artistic career in the hair industry. She thrives on taking the time to discover each clients individual vision and desires. Grace prides herself in her ability to collaborate and provide each client with a vibrantly personalized service and style that both enhances and showcases their inner and outer beauty. 

    Having had many horrifying haircuts as a curly haired girl, Grace knows the importance of feeling comfortable, understood and listened to when it comes to working with your stylist. She enjoys drawing creativity and vision from the organic textures, shapes and colors in the gorgeous nature that surrounds her. 

      With a warm and gentle touch, an eye for detail and creativity, Grace loves working with everything from rich and dynamic colours, beautiful free hand painting to give sun kissed depths, creating movement filled layers, modern shags, funky short cuts, adding fun fringe, and creating weightless, effortless curls. She looks for movement and wearability in each of her cuts and strives to create livable everyday style that is both unique to the person and flattering. Hair is her medium with which she sculpts and colors to create beautiful art.

Grace is a mother, and in her free time she is an herbalist and yogi. When she’s not behind the chair, you can find her geeking on plants and creating her own herbal medicine.

All stylists at notch book their own appointments. Call or text Grace to find out her next availability.